What Are The Symptoms of Diabetes?

We were just notified about a live stream that is going live on September 12th, 7:30 pm CST. 

The live stream will be answering some pretty tough questions regarding the most common symptoms of diabetes for men and women over the age of 25.

Diabetes effects millions worldwide and for some reason tends to be a little higher in the Ireland area.

We hope you can join and tune back here at at the proper time to watch the live stream with us.

Here is the included Transcript from the livestream–

What Are The Symptoms of Diabetes? The Full Video is Found at — That’s what you need to watch.

Hey Folks,

Tom Tuck with you again. A lot of people have been asking me about diabetes lately so I thought I would shoot this video for you.

And just so you know, this will apply to men and women over the age of 25

You might already know that you have diabetes or maybe you’re new to this whole thing and just trying to figure it out.

I’m guessing that’s why you’re watching this short video.

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes vary from person to person, but the most common symptoms are —

Increased thirst

Increased hunger (even after eating)

Constant Dry mouth

Frequently going to the bathroom

Blurred vision

and Excessive fatigue for no apparent reason.

I’d love to go more in detail about it here but

There’s a video already made for you that describes

quite a bit more in detail and even has few ways that you can

possibly reverse the diabetes effects and symptoms.

You can find that video in my description below by clicking

on the link. That video will answer all your questions and concerns

that you have and more .

Just click that video link and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thanks and Good Luck



Ireland And Healthcare – What Are The Major Concerns?

free healthcareIn many ways, Ireland is put on a pedestal for its healthcare systems, so you wouldn’t think that there are many problems. However, that is simply not the case. In fact, there are some problems that might make a country like the US think twice about following suit. And then again, you have to look at the pros and cons of each country’s healthcare system in order to make that determination. So what are the health concerns in Ireland?

Well, for starters, Ireland’s citizens are plagued with some rather common disorders. They are caused by various factors like the Irish diet, air quality, and ground water. Some of the most prolific disorders in Ireland consist of colon cancer, paruresis (shy bladder), osteoporosis, and autism. These are just some of the most common disorders in the gaelic community. Research is constantly being done to determine why these instances occur at a higher rate in Ireland.

Also, I read an adamant review about the whole concept of free healthcare. When someone does say something is free, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s free. Furthermore, it’s not necessarily going to be the best. Ireland does boast a better overall life expectancy than many countries, and it does have a great healthcare system when taken at face value. But what does free healthcare really mean?

When a person goes to the food pantry, is he or she going to be handed prime rib? Well no, and that’s kind of the argument that the review was making about healthcare in Ireland. For example, you go to visit the doctor, and well, you wait and wait some more. People are used to waiting for the doctor, but evidently the whole ‘free healthcare’ concept means hurry up and wait, kind of like people think about dealing with the US government.

Anything the government does in the US is handled for the masses, so I can see how this type of healthcare system would be a problem in Ireland at healthcaretimes. That is why in the US, people also like the idea of handling things on the state level. But when the healthcare systems in many countries are waning while Ireland is flourishing, it makes you think that the country is doing something right.

It is considered to be a very modern system, but anything that new is going to have its kinks, right? Granted, they will continue to work everything out, and right now, they sit atop the field when it comes to healthcare. It would be great if the US could get their healthcare system figured out, but they’ve been giving it a shot anyway. Affordable healthcare is so important, and maybe there is some solution in the middle somewhere that wouldn’t pose the problems that both countries have regarding healthcare.


Ireland’s Young Warriors

Earlier this year, VICE News filmed with a republican youth movement in Ireland called Na Fianna Éireann (“Warriors of Ireland” in English), a small group of around 30 boys considered to be hardline dissidents. They support a violent IRA splinter group known as the Continuity IRA, and believe that a renewed armed struggle is needed to free Ireland from British occupation in the North.

Considered “junior terrorists” by some, the Na Fianna sees itself simply as Ireland’s true republican boy scouts, training with the main aim of being ready for a new resistance — a fight that they believe is inevitable.

VICE News followed Na Fianna members as they carried out “bush training” in the mountains, and attended their Easter Rising march through Dublin, to get an idea of what the young face of dissident republicanism looks like, in an age where support for political violence in Ireland has all but ended.


Some Of The Best Irish Foods To Try Out When In Ireland

Despite being a small country, Ireland is one nation with a big reputation and an age-caressed, timeless landscape and friendly, fascinating people whose poetic nature is expressed through the warmth of their welcome. There is just something different about Ireland and it can be seen in the nation’s somewhat unvarnished informality. Sitting on the southwest peninsulas, with a dramatic wildness and the brooding loneliness of the Connemara Ireland presents much for any person visiting. However, of all the interesting things and beauty of this small nation, there is something Irish that any visitor should try – and that is their food.

Here is a list of some of the Irish foods to try out when in Ireland:

Irish Stew

One-pot cooking does not get any simpler than the famous Irish stew, which is traditionally made with mutton that has been slowly stewed for hours till the meat is tender with some potatoes, onions and with some recipes including a couple of carrots to create one of the tastiest broths you’ll find anywhere. To ensure that the stew does not get watery, some recipes incorporate a knob of roux or pearly barley.


One crop that transformed the Irish diet since its introduction in Ireland is the potato. Potatoes are basically a staple when it comes to cooking in most Irish homes and one classic dish that incorporates this crop is Colcannon which is a mash of potatoes with kale or cabbage and cream or butter flavored with spring onions.

So loved is the meal that it is almost impossible to miss it on most dinner tables around Ireland.

Soda Bread

Another traditional and loved Irish food is soda bread. What makes this bread so unique is the how it is made. The standard ingredients used to make Irish soda bread include buttermilk, flour, salt and bread soda. The buttermilk contains lactic acid and is what reacts with the baking soda to form tiny carbon dioxide bubbles. Irish soda bread can also be made using ingredients eggs, nuts and raisin.


It is without a doubt that the Irish love their potatoes, and this evident in the number of meals made using this crop. Another popular and tasty Irish dish that incorporates potatoes is the Boxty – which means poor house bread and is basically a traditional potato pancake. Boxty recipes vary all over the island, but they all tend to include raw, finely grated potatoes which are fried. Boxty is normally served as a beef or any other meat-based dish accompaniment.

The above are just some of the traditional Irish foods that you are bound to come across in Ireland, and which you should consider trying out. However, do not be limited to only these as there are plenty more options that are sure to get your taste buds charged and your appetite well satisfied. Take time and try out as many traditional Irish dishes during your stay – you can bet on this, you will not be disappointed.